Solar Domestic/Commercial Lighting
Off Grid

Off Grid Solar System

The main component of off grid solar installation can consist of Photovoltaic (PV) modules, a battery bank and inverter to provide continuous power to sun appliances connected to the system. The configuration of your system will depend on the type of electrical loads that will be connected to it and also on the total power consumption of these loads. Your off- grid installation can be set up in a single, split or three-phase configuration. In remote, rural areas where there is no grid to connect, solar electricity is the answer for it. Off-grid solar electric system provide an affordable, clean and uninterrupted source of energy that allow you to run critical power to be supplied anywhere in the world. These off-grid systems can be used for a wide range of applications starting from powering a basic light bulb to supplying power for an entire village or even large–scale system.

Types Off-Grid System

→ Solar Home Lighting systems.
→ Solar petrol pumps.
→ Rural electrification
→ Telecom tower
→ Commercial Buildings/offices/colleges

Solar Home Lighting System:

A Smart House is a home that uses ICT to control energy supply and demand. This creates a more pleasant living environment and enables residents to save energy and lower electricity bill payments. Visually representing household energy consumption enables the residents themselves to save energy more effectively. It also facilitates effective energy use through energy storage. Next-generation housing that balances both environmental and economic considerations for smarter, more comfortable living – that's what the Smart House is all about. Energy management without compromising comfort or energy supply security Greater independence from rising electricity prices. Maximum environmentally friendly energy supply through use of self-generated solar energy.
→ Reduce your electric utility bills
→ Maintaining a PV system is simple
→ The systems have long lifetimes because there are no moving parts
→ Subsidies: Government has a vested interest in promoting solar power

Solar Petrol Pumps:

Shauri Solar is constantly evaluating solar applications in order to reach a wider customer base and varied business uses. It has come up with a complete customized solar power solution for petrol pumps that shall help the owners and customers in combating the hazards of intermittent power supply in this business. The customization of the solar system varies from pump to pump depending upon the energy requirement of the petrol pump and availability of grid power in the area. This complete customized solar power solution for petrol pumps is an example of how we can utilize the power of innovative renewable technology such as solar in providing uninterrupted power to customers & businesses in various applications.

Rural Electrification:

→ Rural electrification through rooftops.
→ Solar-based solutions for agricultural sector
→ Sustainable energy support for educational initiative
→ Utilization of solar energy for health facilities

Telecom Tower:

→ Running Cost Almost Zero
→ Noise Level Compare to Generator Zero
→. Carbon Credits Applicable for whole system
→ Reliable, maintenance-free performance
→ Reliable and clock round telecommunications services even in remote area
→ Seamless integration into existing power systems. PV can easily be combined with diesel generator sets for a hybrid system.

Commercial Buildings/offices/colleges/industries

A smooth process. At FSEIPL, we'll walk you through every step from determining feasibility to final solar panel installation. Here's an idea of how things will flow.
→ We'll conduct a telephone interview to determine suitability .
→ Next we'll come out and do a site evaluation •
→ Design the system and prepare a proposal including a Power Purchase Agreement, if applicable. •
→ If yours is a self-financed transaction with a Power Purchase Agreement, we'll work with you to negotiate structure and execute documents relating to the ownership entity that will be a part of the proposal.
→ After the proposal has help been accepted, we'll order materials and begin scheduling construction and installation of your solar system. Once your system has been commissioned, you get to sit back and enjoy your "double dividend" for the next 25 years.