PV Modules

PV Modules

The solar photovoltaic modules are composed of high quality mono- or multicrystalline cells. These cells are embedded in highly transparent EVA, covered by tempered glass and surrounded by a strong aluminum frame. This results in maximum protection against hostile environments and prepares the modules for outside installations.

Quality measures:

Quality check of each cell:
Quality check at each state of production
Single and multi flash tests of every produced module
Within our product range of 3-300 WP we can offer many different variations on our products according to our customer requirements.

Modules from Shauri Solar Energy are characterized by :

High-quality cells
Wide power-range
Bypass diodes to avoid effect of partial shading
Anodized aluminum alloy frame
Tempered glass for rugged protection.
Competitive price-performance ratio
Note : If more quantity required of solar modules we can also supply from worldwide companies as costumer requirement. We can provide modules on credit basis also.