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Operation maintenance


Policy Study and Advisory:
To study the available policies of states as well as center and explain the key elements of those policies to the clients. Regular updates to the clients regarding current and future bidding process under state solar policies as well as JNNSM. Continuous assistance is being provided to the clients regarding various approvals and clearances under the state and central agencies.

Financial Modeling:
Viability study of the policies to suggest best suitable policy for setting up a project and preparation of detailed financial model for the client. To calculate break even for the project in terms of equity invested as well as the overall project cost. To suggest ways in maximizing project related benefits in terms of tax reduction, optimization of equity investment and assistance in getting low cost funding.

Feasibility study, DPR preparation and project registrations:
Conduct the financial and technical feasibility study for the project. Site survey and its accessibility with availability of man and material resources. Detailed Project Report is prepared on behalf of the client on the basis of a feasibility study conducted and related parameters being finalized, for the purpose of project financing and submission to concern departments. We assist in all the necessary documentations and formalities needed for the state and central nodal agencies till the issuance of commissioning certificate.

Land Identification & Acquisition:
Land suitable for the development of solar PV power plant are being identified with due consideration on the physiology , demography, its accessibility, solar irradiance , Right Of Way issues, distance from grid substation and its voltage level. Duly converted for Industrial use clear title private land is acquired on behalf of the client and is registered in the name of the client and basic land development activities are also completed.

Solar Radiation Resource Assessment: Solar radiation and other meteorological data assessment of the identified site in the process of feasibility study for the project are also being done by our engineering team.Generation simulation is also done for the project on the basis of solar radiation and assessment of other resources and standard technical parameters.

Layout and Single Line Diagram (SLD) Preparation:
On finalization of the site for the project after the comparative assessment and viability study of the available options, layout for the land along with the single line diagram (SLD) are prepared.Layout is a descriptive arrangement of the machinery and other civil structures on site so as to utilize the available land to its maximum with due consideration on the technical parameters. Detailed Engineering of the Plant Detailed engineering and designing for the plant inclusive of steel and concrete structures is done with optimum calculation. Total Bill of Material (TBOM) is also prepared basis of designs being finalized for the project as per the specific technical and geographical requirements of the projects and the procurement will be done accordingly.

Ready for Construction Drawings:
On the completion of detailed designing and engineering part, construction drawings are prepared for the execution of the work at site. All the civil, electrical and general arrangement drawings are prepared with precision in proper dimensions and scaling by the team having rich experience in solar power plant development.

Civil and Electrical Works Contract:

Plant related civil works ranging from preliminary site analysis such as contour survey, site leveling ,peripheral boundary wall / Fencing etc , construction of inverter room , control room , module mounting structure and other electrical equipments foundation and civil works related to switch yard and power evacuation infrastructure are performed. Electrical works related to the plant that includes module interconnection, installation of combiner boxes and inverter, setting up of transformer and switchyard etc, till the evacuation of the generated electricity and its metering are also done.

Mobilization of labor and machines:
Man and material resources required for solar power plant installation are also mobilized to meet the required pace of work and project commissioning deadlines. Man and material resources are managed in such a way that even in contingent situations the project commissioning deadline and quality of work are not compromised.
Transmission Line works:
Transmission lines and power evacuation infrastructure development is also being undertaken by Shauri solar energy. Construction of Bay, both at plant end and GSS end is also done by our company with cost estimation and proof checking of the same.
Development of Solar Parks:
Solar parks are being developed by our company across India in states having immense potential for solar power like Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh etc. Ready to move infrastructure facilities which includes developing power evacuation arrangement along with clear title private holding land are also offered to investors.


Project Management:
From the inception of the idea for developing a solar park until its commissioning, project is being managed by our company on behalf of the client. Inventor, supply chain and management of various contractors and resources along with their allocations are also done by us.

Vision and Quality Control:
Dedicated Team of dynamic engineers along with the senior experience employees are responsible for quality and safety of the work at site which is supported by a system of checks. Proof checking of drawings and careful supervision of work on site that ensures conformity of the work under execution with the final drawings and technical parameter are being supplied.

Operation and Maintenance:

Weekly Generation Analysis and Report Generation:
Daily Generation Reports ("DGR") for the plant with reference to the meteorological and radiation data, plant and grid availability & down time, if any are prepared.DGR on weekly basis are compiled, a detailed plant performance and generation reports are prepared on the basis of analysis done on that DGR data and associated factors.

Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance of all Equipments:
Preventive Maintenance of plant and transmission line is carried out as a routine practice to ensure 100% plant availability. In case of faults, maintenance is carried out with immediate effects to ensure minimum generation loses.

Coordination with STU's for Billing and Grid Availability:
As part of plant's O&M, coordination with the state transmission utilities (STU's) are also done for the generation of Joined Metering Report (JMR) and other activities. Maximum Grid availability is also ensured by the way of coordination with STU's for the projects for which power purchase agreement (PPA) is signed.